#Love in the time of Ebola

Cholera, a disease that once killed many. It ruined countless lives, it altered many destinies, and it ended many stories that could have become a great saga. That is how terrible it was, ruthless, merciless, deadly, Cholera.

I do not know if it is a mere coincidence or if it was designed this way but even love in those days showed all the characteristics of a deadly disease. People could kill or die in love, but, no matter what they did the cure of love was never available to them. They would travel for miles, cross the oceans, but the burning desire always yearned for some ice.

Love back then was not an option or a privilege; it was not a matter of choice. It came naturally to them. It was immortal. It was incurable. Distance, time, age, money none of them were strong enough to defeat love. There were love letters, there were long journeys in the carriages, there was trust, there was waiting, a lot of waiting and there was hope. That hope acted like a catalyst to the disease of love. Love in that time was indeed forever.

Soon science progressed and then came the time of Ebola. Medicines that are strong enough to kill diseases were created, and unknowingly, they left some side effects in the air that we breathe and the water that we drink.

It’s beautiful how sometimes nature shows us how much time has changed. Back then water was so pure, People could park their horses anywhere and drink the water from the ponds or lakes or rivers. They did not think about the side effects of drinking that water or where that water came from. Everything was pure. It’s like pollution has not just damaged the environment but also the hearts.

The medicines and water purifiers and air purifiers have changed the human mindset, we have become finicky. We doubt everything that comes near us, and the thing that has suffered the most because of this is the feeling of love. We have now learned how to escape the germs of love. The human race is so scared of the pain and the hurt that they have forgotten what it is to be madly in love with someone.

It is not love if you try to love someone, it is not love if you try to change yourself for someone. When there is love, there is no trying. It is all very natural. It is a simple process love; do not complicate it by using your brain too much. Matters of the heart are solved best if left it to the soul. Leave that love undiagnosed, take a medicine if you have the flu and let that love fight to be true.


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