Find Closure

In the T.V. Sitcom Friends, Monica was devastated when she and Richard broke up. Nothing could make her feel better, nothing. She was lost, hurt, and deeply saddened. Everything reminded her of him. It was only when she gets to know that he was equally distressed that she began to move on.

Sometimes it is not the end but the fear of oblivion that aches. Perhaps it is the feeling that the other person was not as hurt as you were because in a way it shows that the relationship was not as precious to them as it was to you.

For a relationship to really end, it is important to feel that hurt and pain, moreover it is important to know at what page you both were in the end. So if you are ending something today do tell the other person how important they were and will always be to you, tell them that it won’t be an easy task to forget them, but most importantly tell them that a part of you will always love them, no matter what.

Do not leave those words unsaid. Tell everything that you have always wanted to say. Pour your heart out. For once, forget the ego and the false self-respect theories. Just say it before it is too late before you begin to feel that your words will not matter to them anymore. Believe me, until the time those unsaid words live in your heart you will not find closure. They say that saying sorry does not make anybody big or small similarly squeezing your heart out does not make anybody a bad person. Speak up before you lit up.


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  1. Aashna Jain says:

    Very well said 🙂


  2. Akshata shukla says:

    Thank you 🙂


    1. Lavanya says:



  3. manvi18 says:

    Well said! 👍🏼


  4. Diksha says:

    True one !


  5. Pooja says:

    Yeah akshata … Lot of things said in just few paras.. A great conclusion to millions of unending stories.. !!


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