Free words

I remember when I was in school, our English teacher used to tell us: “Don’t use more than 200 words for a 15 marks question”. She had this power that none of the answers exceeding the world limit could ever pass away from her eyes. The result of this sin was always negative marking.

Time flew by and I came across the so-called corporate world where people who write are paid on the basis of words. 50 paisa per word or 80 paisa per word. Every word has a cost value here. People have the liberty to try to increase the number of words of an article using all the petty ways that exist in the world.

Today oddly a thought entered my mind. What if I don’t want to limit myself in words?

If you tell someone to write something, simply tell him or her to dispense his or her heart out. Don’t stop them with your world limit knife because you never know which thought you might accidentally kill. Writing is an expression and words are its spirit. Sometimes a line can say what a paragraph can’t, whereas some thoughts demand to be written about, they demand to be expressed. You have to set the spirit free to get a beautiful piece of work. In the quest of numbers don’t let the figures die.


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