The dead cannot cry out for justice

“The man in this picture raped me, mum”. He broke down in front of his mother because after five years he finally knew the identity of his abuser. It was then when he understood that why he was labelled as a “liar and fantasist” when he reported the attack two months after the incident which took place in 1961. He claims that he was raped by Edward Heath.
“Sir” Edward Heath was the Prime Minister of United Kingdom between 1970 and 1974 and Leader of the Conservative Party from 1965 to 1975. Though he died in 2005, his name is alive again due to a recent claim made by a 64-year-old man who alleges that he was abused by him in 1961 in London’s Mayfair.

This is not it. There were also claims that Heath abused boys on his yacht “Morning Cloud” while it was berthed in Jersey. He was also accused of helping a woman Myra Ling Forde who was a brothel keeper.

Heath was always known as a private person, but until now he was never called a Pedophile. His only claimed love was for yachts and music. The two ladies who entered his life were repelled by his failure of expressing love and fear of commitment. Rumors about him being gay were always the talk of the town. Jeremy Norman in his book No Make-up said that the “gaydar” assured him that Heath was Gay. He further added that “I believe Ted took a conscious decision to sublimate his sexuality into his politics and personal ambition. He knew only too well that a sex life and high office were incompatible”

What really is the truth? Was he really a rapist? Is justice possible after his death? One may never know, and whatever we will get to know by the investigative teams will only be one side of the story. Even if hypothetically, we assume that Edward was indeed a child molester then how will we find a way to punish a dead man? Those involved might attain peace if the accusations turn out to be true, but then what after that? The man who scarred their lives and ruined their childhood is sleeping in his grave. His life is free from the curse of imprisonment.

On the contrary, if we assume that all these accusations are false then isn’t it unfair that after ten years of his death, his name and reputation has been tainted. No matter what the judgments of the authorities are but somewhere the term “Pedophile” will never leave the “Sir” in Edward’s name. He cannot come back to tell us what really happened. “His claim to justice is no less valid than those who claim to be his victims” says Norman Tebbit.

Justice is essentially not possible in this case and this is something which makes us question the law. If investigations were properly done 54 years ago then we would have known what really happened and who was at fault. Never the less, it will be interesting to know how the case further unfolds.


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