Swipe right for peace


“The problem with using Tinder in Jammu & Kashmir is the fact that everyone is hot, and across the border.” GrumpyGoan on Twitter.

Decades ago India and Pakistan were a part of the same land, and then came a wall which divided the two nations in ways that nobody could ever imagine. While soldiers from both the sides are fighting at the borders, there are people who aren’t bothered about any of this. They are busy swiping left and right in their world of “Tinder”.

For all those who don’t know, Tinder is a location-based dating application that finds your location using GPS and uses your Facebook information to create your profile. It then finds potential matches near you and if they take your fancy, you swipe right to ‘like’ them. If not, go left to ‘pass’. If they also ‘like’ you back – bingo. It’s a match and you can start messaging.

In India, if you are swiping on tinder in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, you aren’t just restricted to the national boundaries. Tinder finds you matches from neighbouring cities of Pakistan as well. And mind you, tinder does not discriminate on the basis of nationality, so till the time you don’t really start the conversation, you won’t get to know which country the other person belongs to. Many users on finding out that the other person is from Pakistan click the “unmatch” button, but for a few these differences are not big enough to hamper their newly gained friendship. For them, the curiosity to know someone and to become their friends or perhaps more is far above than these boundaries that have been created around them. Some dream to “break through the wires” while some dream of “meeting in Dubai or Thailand.” Nevertheless, the eyes don’t give up on the hope of one glimpse.

The Indian and Pakistani governments have refused to indulge in any sort of peace talks. But amidst all this the quest for love and friendship is not lost. Perhaps this spark lit by tinder will create fires that will reach millions.

*published in Kashmir times, 27th August 2015


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  1. Himanshu Upadhyay says:

    That’s really very good….


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