Percept and Practice

Last evening I was out with a friend. She dropped me on the main road near my house. I was waiting for the traffic to clear out before crossing the road. All of a sudden a car slowed down in front of me. A middle-aged man in the car signaled me to come and sit next to him. I got scared and looked away and he pulled off the car. It took me a minute to realize that he had mistaken me for a hooker. It made me angry, I was so furious at him, how could he even think that I was a prostitute.

I started to walk towards home, unable to not think about what just happened. And from nowhere I remembered this conversation that I had with a friend. I remembered saying that I respect hookers because they don’t beg, borrow or steal. They do a job, they provide service and earn a living for themselves. It’s high time that we as an educated society stop judging people who are into such kind of profession. We don’t know their stories, we don’t know what they have been through and why they chose this path. All we can do is stop looking down at them.

In that five minutes’ walk back home, I felt that I matured as an individual. I no longer felt the anger that I did. It may sound weird but I didn’t care what that man thought of me to be. Perhaps, I finally realized what it is to truly respect a community.


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  1. BlotDot says:

    So you came to terms with being perceived as a hooker. That’s actually awesome of you. You shouldn’t give a damn about what others feel about you.


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