Because he is only going up and up

Gf g g g gfff..  This new song featuring Sooraj Pancholi sounded more like Jiahh ji ji ji Jiaaaah to me. I got confused, kept wondering why he was calling out Jiah Khan’s name after singing her a death lullaby. I immediately YouTubed the song to check if I heard it right. Turns out that I am turning deaf.

He is seen dancing and acting badly in the T-series video opposite Jacqueline Fernandez. But, shouldn’t he be in Jail right now? Google told me that he is out on Interim bail. This man killed a woman who loved him, and not just that, he aborted her child and flushed the fetus in the drain.  And yeah, I forgot to add. All this is still “apparent” because the courts haven’t come up with a judgement. If he has really done this crime, then he has lifted the bar of Bollywood’s cruelty to humanity.

I wonder how this man is still getting work and girls. He can’t act, he can’t dance, and he doesn’t even look good. Still, some people in the industry want to keep investing in him despite him having no talent. And some girls want to keep investing in him emotionally to perhaps turn him into a good boy.

When I checked the video of this “gf bf” song, I realized that it has more than 76 Lakh views and 48 thousand likes. Obviously, the makers or perhaps other producers must be thinking that Sooraj did an epic job in the video, which is in fact wrong. So, now he will get more work and he will keep climbing the “money ladder”.  Here is the thing, the life of someone under suspicion of homicide shouldn’t be so easy, they should struggle for work and should be constantly reminded of the bad they did.  Due diligence should be done to uncover the truth. They should serve punishment to earn the right to live easily again.

P.S. Please don’t go and watch that video now




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