Indian Express misspells ‘Neerja’

Well, it’s Sunday. Who cares about the news, who cares about headlines and who cares about the spellings?
Read this article called “Sonam Kapoor thanks Chattisgarh CM for making “Neeraj” tax-free which is available on google news and Indian express. The first glimpse will make you feel that perhaps CM Raman Singh misspelled the movie’s name and that’s what made the news. But, if you open the link and read it you will find that it only talks about Sonam Kapoor being thrilled on knowing that her new movie Neerja has been declared tax free in Chhattisgarh. It’s also mentioned on the page that the news was sourced from PTI. So, either the Indian Express blindly trusted the copy given to them by PTI or they were too busy to recheck it for errors.

Neerja 2

It was mere a spelling mistake. The movie is called Neerja and not Neeraj. Even after 4 hours of publishing the article, nobody from the Indian Express corrected it. How hard could it be for someone to notice such a major error in the headline of an article? 4 hours is a LONG time in the world of journalism to rectify mistakes.
Okay, let’s be honest, it’s not a big blunder that will affect someone’s life. But, it does prove that in the quest to be modern and fast with news, journalism is losing out on its basics.  If only people realized that journalism is not the place where one can afford to make errors.


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