He drove a Mercedes and killed a man

You remember how we were as kids? If our friends had something then we wanted it too. We would cry and beg and ultimately force our parents to get us what we wanted. Well, the kids of today are way ahead than us. Their demands are high. They want expensive gadgets, phones, and CARS.  They go for late night parties, they drink, they make noises and they think that they are big enough to break all the rules. One such kid recently killed a young man of 32 Sidharth Sharma, who couldn’t run as fast to save his life as the Mercedes which ran over him.

The kid was just 17. He was celebrating the end of his board exams and was out with his friends. Soon after the accident happened, the kids ran away from the scene of the crime. The one who was driving the car and was the owner’s son was caught the next day and was taken into custody. He was later released on bail. Anyway, he is rich and under 18. He won’t have to suffer for long.

The sad thing is that this incidence is not a new one. There are many more kids in Delhi and other cities who drink and drive. Not that I am saying that the kid in this particular case was drunk. There is no evidence of that.i

Many such kids have their own personal cars with personal drivers. The driver sits on the next seat while they take over the control of the car and drive rashly all across the roads of Delhi. The driver is later paid some amount of money so that he stays shut in front of the parents. The worst thing is that many of these parents know that their kids drink and drive but they are too afraid to lose the tag of a ‘cool parent’ to utter a word.

There is a reason why the government has set some rules. Kids under 18 are too immature to handle tough situations of life. Parents should understand this and encourage their kids to follow the rules. And please if you are a parent or if you have a younger sibling, don’t let your kids drive to the nearby local market or the gym or to far away parties.

Please learn to say NO, because your one YES may cost a life.


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