At least, Chetan tried.

A lot of people around me are talking about the recent open letter written by Chetan Bhagat addressed to the Kashmiri youth. All of a sudden, their love for Kashmir has risen because they want to once again defame Chetan Bhagat.

The letter was published in the Times of India and like always Chetan Bhagat was trolled on the social media for his opinion on the matter.

First, it’s his opinion.

Second, at least he tried. In the midst of all the tension in Kashmir when all our politicians are running away from the issues, at least, Chetan tried to reach out to the Kashmiri youth.

And what wrong did he say in the letter ? Is he wrong in saying that Kashmir won’t be able to survive as an independent nation ? Is he wrong in saying that Pakistan  will further ruin Kashmir if it becomes a part of it ? Is he wrong in saying that article 370 is hampering the development of Kashmir ?

Yes, I won’t deny that he could have made a better argument. He couldn’t have examined the situation more critically because let’s face it, Kashmir is going through a crisis.

Also, last I heard, Barkha Dutt herself hasn’t done much for Kashmir besides gaining fame from it. So, why is she getting to speak so much ?

But, let’s also not forget that not everybody in our country is taking an effort to solve the Kashmir issue. Everybody is just watching as Kashmir is burning in another fire. So, all you people who are doing nothing about the issue, you have no right to accuse a man who at least tried to do his bit.

Kashmir is a sensitive place. Please, do not try to create more issues for it. If you don’t have anything to suggest then stay shut. Don’t create more problems for them by indulging in unnecessary debates.
P.s. I am not a fan of Chetan Bhagat. You can read his letter on the link attached:

Chetan Bhagat’s open letter to the youth of Kashmir


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  1. mukul chand says:

    great post. why is it sensitive, it is a part of India like any other. good and bad

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    1. akshatashukla says:

      Yes sir, I agree totally. But, unfortunately it has been living in a state of unrest since so long now. And in a situation like this any small spark is capable of turning into a fire.

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      1. mukul chand says:

        If a Fire is burning, what is the role of a spark ?

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      2. akshatashukla says:

        Good point sir.
        There is a new issue coming up every other day sir because of something or the other. That is the point I wanted to make.
        So many areas of the valley are under curfew. The protest started from one part but now, due to the killings that happened four days back, it has managed to reach more parts of he valley. Perhaps calling it a spark was wrong. But, the fire sure is increasing.

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      3. mukul chand says:

        if people wish to burn their homes, so be it, then a new beginning maybe .

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      4. akshatashukla says:

        From what I see sir, a new beginning is a distant dream.
        Let us hope for the best 🙂

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      5. mukul chand says:

        Hope must always live on. Do look at the map of J&K, you will see the Region under “Unrest” constitutes a very small part of the state. But like an abscess takes up all the time of the Body.

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      6. mukul chand says:

        The Area of 6 Districts of Srinagar valley are Roughly equal to the Area of Kargil District only and One third the area of Ladakh. Furthermore Shias ( majority in Leh/Kargil Region) do not wish to part of a Sunni dominant population. Thus unrest being created by Whom??

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      7. akshatashukla says:

        I agree sir, not only this, Jammu region and Ladakh region get no attention from the state government or the central. All the attention is taken away by the valley. I don’t want to answer that who is creating the unrest. But, there is a reason why there is an unrest. It’s time that we solve it before it gets too late.

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      8. mukul chand says:

        there is only way. make sure those who create unrest become so few that you can can then pick them one by one as you remove insects from rice.


  2. ashmait says:

    Hey, My 2 cents about Chetan’s letter , people trolling and defending him –

    I agree with you that it’s his opinion. Fine, he has the freedom to believe, think and say whatever he wants to.

    Secondly, since I also have the same freedom, I want to express my opinion about his letter
    1. Do you seriously think the Kashmiri youth out there would be more interested in economic security than peace? At a time when the families there are not sure whether their sons and daughters leaving their home shall come back safely at night or not, Chetan is asking them to think of economic security. Even if his claims/stands may be justified but the population there might not have it as their foremost priority. Chetan shoudnt have written that letter as an MBA but as a human.

    2. He describes the situation in a nutshell, says Pakistan is bad etc, etc. but forgets to say a word about the atrocities committed by the Indian army under the AFSPA which was beautifully showcased in Haider. He says – “Terrorism is no solution, nor revenge and retribution for Indian atrocities” The Indian state allegedly sought retribution by hanging Afzal Guru and if these Kashmiris seek the same they should not. Obviously they are not justified in doing so but shouldnt they atleast get justice? I wish he had said a couple of words about it instead of over simplyfying the entire situation.

    3. Realise the number of players – Kashmiris, the politicians, India, Pakistan , Terrorists, China, etc. A solution to the problem is in fact not practically possible considering the number of players and their conflicting interests involved, but still “Umeed pe duniya kayam hai”.

    Fianlly I would say, good that he tried, but he ended up agitating the people rather than putting his point across. The letter sort of boomeranged. Wish it had not.

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