Men, #ShareTheLoad

I have an exam tomorrow. Technically, I should be studying. But, my best friend just tagged me in a women empowerment post on Facebook. And now, my mind has begun to ponder over how life might turn out for me and women around me.

This is how life is normally for a girl in India:

She studies hard and begins to love what she does. She wants to become something and build a name for herself. She loves her money, her independence, and her freedom. With time, she starts seeing that people around her are getting married. This is further accompanied by a little pressure from her parents and slowly she succumbs to the force.

At first, everything seems fine. She still continues with her job/business. All day long she stays at work and then she comes back home and serves dinner. She never complains and always tries to adjust. With time, she becomes a mother, and it gets difficult to leave her baby home and go to work. But, the dream of a career and the feeling of self-empowerment pushes her to keep going. By this time, a little guilt finds its home in her heart.

Slowly the child begins to grow. Now, she has to wake up in the morning, send the child to school, go to work, come back in the evening, help the child in his or her studies, spend time with her family and then again go back to this same routine the next day.

All this isn’t easy. It is mentally and physically exhausting. Therefore one fine day, she decides to quit her work and spend time with her family and most importantly her kids. She tries to forget her desires and begins to build a dream world for her kids.

That is how a career ends for a lot of women in our country. Life of a woman is designed in a way that she slowly begins to give up on everything that she wanted. She is a woman and not a machine. She is bound to get tired with all the work that is put in her bucket and the guilt that she feels for ignoring her family further increases the weight of it.

The truth is that no matter what we say, a woman has to sacrifice and bear a lot to have what she wants in life. Those who can do that find a name in the world. And those who don’t are not be blamed. For it’s the system that corrupts their life and not them.

P.s. Men #ShareTheLoad


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  1. Could there be the possibility that as she grew and her life changed by marriage and family that actually her dreams and desires also changed? You are so right though, women do sacrifice a lot.

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