She was 23. Her parents found her a perfect match. He was a bureaucrat. After a few years, she got pregnant. The baby died in her womb. She got sick and lost both her kidneys. Doctors said that she won’t be able to conceive again. She was taunted by her in-laws. They all wanted a child. She was given household chores but she never complained. Her husband kept silent. One day he said that he wanted to remarry. She stayed shut. He forced it on her, so she took the first step and moved out. He didn’t stop her.

Ten years passed by. She went through many medical procedures and surgeries. Her medical condition was still miserable. He never called. She still never complained. One day she was told about his second wife and his son. She died after a month. He didn’t even come to see her corpse. They were never divorced.

This is the story of my Mausi (My maternal aunt). All her life, she kept waiting for that man. Some time back I saw his picture on Facebook with his second wife and his two children. There was no regret in his eyes. He didn’t technically kill her, but he still is a murderer, a cold-blooded murderer.

I hope she was taught, ‘ Pati parmeshwar nahi hota ’ (Your husband in not God).


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