Kya Dilli Kya Lahore

India and Pakistan, two countries that always manage to find something to quarrel on. But, there are some people who are trying to bring these countries closer and unfortunately our media doesn’t give them as much importance as they deserve to get. If only peace could pave its way to sensationalism then this news could have made it to the front pages.

Since September 2015, designers, retail brands, models, culinary forces, handicraft industries, music, entertainment and lifestyle personalities from both these countries have been meeting every six months to celebrate the craft and cultural legacy of India and Pakistan.

The first edition of Kya Dilli Kya Lahore took place in Delhi in September 2015. The second edition took place very recently in the third week of March in Lahore. Veteran Indian actor Zeenat Aman also flew to Lahore to attend this fashion fiesta.

I got to know about the event not from our media, but from a blogger Annam Lodhi who is from Pakistan. When I googled a little, I realized that only Indian Express, Times of India, Business Standard and The Hindu were amongst the few papers who covered the event. Out of them, only The Hindu did some justice to the story. In fact, the event could have got a lot of response from the social media, but I fail to understand why it didn’t.  Perhaps for these people, Kya Dilli Kya Lahore remains to be just a movie.

Such events are crucial in bringing the two countries in a state of harmony. They should be visible for the world to see and not to be hidden behind the inside pages of a newspaper. Looking forward to the third edition, which will be in Delhi in a few months.

P.s. The picture above is taken from The Dawn


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