Sanskrit to enter IITs

At first, I was all set to defend the move of our HRD minister, Smriti Irani to introduce Sanskrit in the IITs. But, a little research into the topic and I realized how wrong was I.

Sanskrit is considered as a scientific language. Apparently all our yesteryear scientists wrote all their data in Sanskrit. But, it’s been years since they were written, haven’t our scholars and language experts already converted all that data into various languages? And if they haven’t, then they should.

Some years back there were also rumors that NASA plans to use Sanskrit for coding purposes. The rumor has till date not turned true. Of course, there are people in the USA who are learning Sanskrit, but is it necessary that we have to always blindly follow the west? Aur agar bhasha se itna hi pyaar tha (And If, they really loved the language so much), then why were we given a choice to choose between Sanskrit, Hindi and other foreign languages in school?

Also, why do we have to expect our science students to know everything? Don’t they already have enough in their platter to take away the jobs of commerce people that we are now offering them even more? This move of teaching them Sanskrit might help them, but from what I see, it is only going to act as a burden on them.

Let these IIT students study what they are supposed to. If they need any help in going through the historic scientific papers, then the Sanskrit experts can help and advise them. Empower those who already are a master of the language, which will be more helpful.

P.S. The above picture is taken from The Hindu 



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