I don’t blame them Kabir

So, Mr. Kabir Khan who recently made the movie Phantom was in the news today. Apparently Pakistani people didn’t welcome him with a garland of roses to their country. They raised slogans against him and weren’t happy with his arrival. Honestly, I don’t blame them.
In Phantom, Kabir insulted Pakistan in a lot of ways. Fine, we all in India do know and believe that 26/11 was planned on Pakistani soil but then, if we make movies that talk about our people going to their country ‘unannounced’ and killing the perpetrators then, of course, we will have to bear the consequences. So, why Kabir was expecting a nice and a friendly welcome is beyond my understanding.

Also, we Indians are no less when it comes to protesting and screaming slogans. We ourselves have time and again gone against so many movies and people associated with them only because they “hurt our sentiments”. Now, when our neighbours are doing the same then we can’t blame them.

We love Pakistani artists, and even they love so many of our Indian actors and stars. Don’t let one personality change that perception.


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