Open letter to Arvind Kejriwal

Hello Mr. Kejriwal! I am amongst those many people who voted for your party. I voted for change. I was so happy when you became the chief minister. I thought you will make my city a better place to live in. But, all you have done is screw things up.

Your odd-even scheme is only satisfying your ego and stubbornness and doing no good to the society. Do you have any idea how much the middle class and lower class had to suffer in this killing heat during the last 15 days ?

It’s the common man who is becoming miserable in your reign. The rich class is already all set to buy new cars before you implement the scheme again. From next time onwards there won’t be any relief from the traffic also to give you some points.

Also, did you know that many disabled people were tortured during your odd-even scheme ? They were asked to pay a fine despite them having exemption from odd even certificates. I have a proof of it so you can’t say that I am making false accusations.

When you are implementing a scheme then you should prepare your resources accordingly. Be it public transport, volunteers or police officials ( I know you will later blame this on the State Governer because apparently the Police doesn’t listen to you).

Also, FYI odd even was a success in Beijing because they even shut down factories that produced pollution. I don’t see any of that happening in Delhi.

Everyday, everyday without fail I see kids begging on the streets of Delhi. They are everywhere ON THE MAIN ROADS OF DELHI. Why are you and your government oblivion to these kids ? Last I heard child abuse was a criminal offence then why are you so busy to not catch those who are killing the future of these kids ? You could have bought them books from the money that you spent on the banners that were put across the city to promote odd even.

There is water scarcity in west Delhi, streets are seldom cleaned, BRT is still not completely removed, auto drivers don’t use the meters, our public transport is in a sad situation, VAT is super high. I spent hundred rupees in the form of taxes on a ₹350 bill today. Delhi has a lot of issues to deal with already, please don’t bring more troubles to us.

You know you are doing wrong when people who once supported you go against you. Now even the autovalas are pissed at you. Stop being so stubborn. You will ruin yourself and the city. Wake up, wake up before you become the Rahul Gandhi of AAP.

P.s. Please don’t put me in jail for writing this letter.


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