Delhi metro ‘ki’ creepy ride.

 I always knew that Delhi metro journeys aren’t too comfortable. But last evening I lived the proof of it. It was 6:30 p.m. in the clock. It is the time when most offices in the city shut down their operations for the day. I was welcomed at the metro station by a huge line of girls (there is a different line for men). I had to crawl through them to find a place in the train. And then the journey began.

There was absolutely no space to stand inside the train. A girl’s bag got stuck between another girl and me and it took her two minutes to finally find the space to free us from it. Every time we reached a new station I’d get scared because more people were coming in and less were going out. But if I look at the greener side of the grass then every time the door opened, it brought along a stock of oxygen.  I’d try to raise my nose as much as I could and fill my lungs with the fresh air.

The lack of space meant that ‘there was a lot of closeness’. I was holding the pillar to save myself from falling. Suddenly a girl rested her ass on the same pillar. I don’t know if it was intentional but she ignored the fact that her ass was ON MY HAND. She didn’t care at all. Perhaps she was used to it. But I wasn’t, traumatized I dropped my hand and stood in the moving metro by gripping my feet on the floor. I couldn’t afford to touch anything. And then, just then, two girls who had to get down at the next station pressed their butts against mine. I wish Joey Tribiani was there to see the sight. It was his fantasy world.

I was already creeped out, it was enough for a day. Then, a girl who from what I could see had put a lot of ‘chameli ka tel’ (Jasmine oil), put her head in my nose. One thing girls in metro SHOULD understand is that they should tie their hair in a way that it doesn’t fall out of their heads and reaches the nostrils of others. IT IS ANNOYING.

I felt sorry for all the men out there who travel in the metros daily. Their compartment is way crowded than ours. On a positive side, at least their nostrils can exist freely.

Signing off with the hope that Delhi Metro will not let me die. Have a good day or night 😛



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