Delhi Metro, don’t test my patience.

I am so angry at the moment. My day started on a rough note, then I had to stay at work for an extra hour. I tried booking an Ola cab, but it couldn’t find me a driver. Even the “prime” cars weren’t available for me. I had no other option but to go to my daily travel mode of Delhi metro. They have this ticket box which accepts tokens and cards (I didn’t bother to find its real name because I AM VERY ANGRY).

Anyway, so I touched my metro card to the ticket machine, but the gate didn’t open. I tried again and my card got blocked. I looked on the right towards the “relief” counter. To my dismay, it was already flooded with people. Luckily, I had another metro card. When I touched it to the ticket machine the gate opened. And then while I was crossing it, the gate closed on me. My leg and hand got hurt. I was on the ground acknowledging the pain. Suddenly, the gate opened and I had to run.

Later I realized that it was not just my metro card which was acting lame. Others were suffering too. I am not sure though if anybody else got hurt.

See, the thing is that after spending a hectic day at work one wants to just go home and rest. We know that Delhi metro can hardly provide us with a seat to sit. The least it can do is not make our journey worse. Please, please, whoever takes care of the non-moving escalators, damaged gates, mosquitoes in the train, start to work. It’s a plea in pain.


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