Swipe right for new reasons.

“Tinder is how everyone meets new, like-minded people around them – people who become friends, lovers, mentors, colleagues, or soulmates. #SwipeRight to a world of possibilities.”
That’s how the new Tinder ad describes itself. Tinder to the world is a “hooking up” application. But here in India, not many people use it for that purpose. It has been turned into a dating application or a “make new friends application”. In fact, there was a time when one could actually find good people on tinder but now it’s full of perverts.

Anyway, I think that the Tinder people have carefully understood the Psyche of Indian youth and transformed the application to expand in our country.

But unfortunately, the latest ad that they have made to promote this agenda is not a great one. The ad begins with a girl dressing up in front of a mirror. Her mom walks in and asks her where she is headed to. The girl casually replies that she is going out somewhere. Her mom then asks if she is going out with someone and the girl replies with a yes. The mom then goes and sits on the bed and catches a Tinder update on her daughter’s phone. The daughter asks her mom if her neck piece is looking good, to which the mom replies that “Meri taraf se Iske liye swipe right hai“(from my side there is a right swipe for it). The girl is shocked to know about her mother’s Tinder knowledge. Her mom smiles and leaves the room whiles asking her daughter to put some Kajal because Kajal “has its own charm”.

Watch the commercial here :


The first time I saw the ad, I couldn’t stop laughing. I saw it again and I laughed more. I don’t understand what was the need to bring in a mother in the ad. It’s not ashaadi.com or a Bharat matrimonial commercial. The actors have given a disappointing performance. Moreover, the dialogues and the expressions were not natural enough. The whole set up came across as fake. Maybe, if they chose Hindi as the medium of communication, it could have looked more real.
Also, I really wanna meet those people who have found their “mentors” and “colleagues” on tinder. Perhaps, they were talking about some Christian Grey and some dominant-submissive relationship.

Anyway, signing off with the hope that Tinder manages to keep surviving in India.


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