Reality check

Last night I felt sick, so sick that my parents had to take me to a nearby hospital. The hospital was owned by a private organization, so of course, my dad had to shed some Indian Rupees. I kept thinking to myself that what if my dad didn’t have any money? I would have had no choice but to go to a government hospital and wait in the long queue to catch one glimpse of a doctor.

For a long time now I have been singing this song about wanting to become independent in life. But not once did the thought of considering to save money for my health came to my mind. And I am sure there are many more like me. Of course, those who have jobs still get some medical insurance from their companies, but what about those who are dreaming to start their own startup?

Dreams and reality are different. And it’s time that we grow up to realize that we should save for health, food, home, car, family and so many more things. Only then we will truly become independent. Until then we will remain the stubborn kids who rely on our parents for everything and forget to acknowledge it.


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