We Can’t Forget His Birthday


“Dekhi zamane ki yari, bichhade sabhi bari-bari”, may be Guru Dutt had foreseen this years ago and that is why these words became a part of his biopic Kagaz k phool (1959). Today I would like to add another line to this song “Bhoole sabhi baari baari”.


It is Guru Dutt’s 91st birthday today and seems like all our social media has comfortably forgotten this legendary man. Where are all those social media giants today? No time off from Divyanka Tripathi’s wedding to make creatives or videos or write tributes for one of the most talented filmmakers of all time?


Guru Dutt gave us the film Pyaasa, which gave India a global recognition. He was a man way ahead of his time. His movies did not just have depth, they were also technologically well crafted. The least he deserves is to be remembered on his birthday. I’ll wish him by watching Pyaasa today.

Rest In Peace Sir…



One Comment Add yours

  1. ashu777 says:

    A lonely legend who passed away too early..!!!


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