Sulking doesn’t help.

Sometimes all you wanna do in life is to lock yourself up in a room and get away from this world. You don’t want to see any face, you don’t want to hear any voice, you just want to sleep or go through all the channels on your TV.

This is just a temporary escape from the real world. In a day or two, you land up going back in that same old world with that same old feeling of hatred and non-belongingness. You beg people to hear you out not because you are lonely but because you don’t trust yourself enough with your choices. You want them to just say that they believe in you and when they don’t then the sulking grips you further.

Its okay if the world doesn’t trust you or believe you much. The only thing important for you is to know what you want and have faith that you’ll get it.

All of us will die eventually, do you really wanna think during your dying moment that you weren’t happy enough with your life? Nothing is gonna matter in the end. Nothing. So why not just live happily. Don’t plan for the future, make your present full of happiness. Seize the moment and happiness will seize you.



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  1. Pooja says:

    Nice lines akshata


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