Because monotony and death are almost the same.

When you are unhappy with life then every day appears to be a struggle. Every step that you take makes you feel that your entire body is nothing less than a burden. Sleep becomes your best friend, your quilt replaces your boyfriend and those pillows on the bed give you the same comfort that once your mother’s lap did.

You prefer to close your eyes, shut the world and doze off. The Whole day you stay in bed, and then, night comes in with a ray of hope. As the stars in the sky get brighter, your motivation level grows. You think to yourself that tomorrow I’ll change my destiny. Tomorrow will be the day when I’ll wake up and take control of my life.

You are scared to fall asleep because deep down you know that waking up itself will be a big task tomorrow. You have no faith in you, no courage and absolutely no motivation to make you live another day. You try to stay up, consuming coffee, watching movies but eventually you sleep waking up to the same depressing thoughts the next day.

The cycle will end only when you kick that laziness out of your life. I wish there was a rule book for the same but unfortunately, there isn’t any.


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