OMG! Brett Lee in Bhabhi Ji’s Ghar

So guess what caught my attention while surfing the channels today? Australian cricket star, Brett Lee was on the popular television show, Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain!

What is surprising is that this “news”didn’t find any space in our social media driven world. He was there on the show to promote his upcoming movie “ÜnIndian”.

It wasn’t long ago when Lee enjoyed a good deal of female attention in India. He was loved by many. I remember girls going gaga when he sang “haan mai tumhara hun, tumhara hi rahunga”in his cute Hindi accent. But perhaps now his charm has grown old and that’s why despite looking for so much attention he isn’t getting any.

Nevertheless, it was a good change to see a pretty face on Indian Television after a long time.


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  1. mukul chand says:

    Just watched Brett Lee promote his forthcoming pic on Bhabhiji.


    1. akshatashukla says:

      I couldn’t believe that he was on the show, it was very surprising.

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      1. mukul chand says:

        yes, but I had seen a trailer on a news channel, so was not amazed.

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