Alan then, Omran now : World blind spectator

In September 2015, it was Alan Kurdi, and now after 11 months, it is another five-year-old boy from Syria called Omran Daqneesh who is making the news. He was rescued yesterday after an air strike hit his Syrian hometown.


Alan Kurdi’s death gave us a warning but we ignored it. Children in all the war affected areas suffer irreversible damage. They are introduced to violence at a young age. They see their families cry, loved ones die. They don’t get food, no health facilities, no permanent roof over their heads. They walk like refugees from land to land. Some countries welcome them and some don’t. In the process, we deprive them of the basic human need of being happy.

A young migrant, who drowned in a failed attempt to sail to the Greek island of Kos, lies on the shore in the Turkish coastal town of Bodrum, Turkey

So, can we blame them if they develop a feeling of hatred towards those who ruin their childhood and eventually their whole life? Can we blame them if tomorrow they pick up guns and decide to take revenge? It is us who made them familiar with blood and guns and air strikes in the first place, so will we be able to hold them responsible if they try that on us?

In our quest to prove our power, religious beliefs, and what not, we are ruining our future. If only we understood the concept of sustainable development. What we do at present, should not affect our future generations and resources. These kids are the human resources of tomorrow, they are innocent, they become what we mold them into. By doing wrong to them we are setting up a base for screwed up generations.

If pictures and stories of these little babies can’t influence people to walk for peace, then I don’t know what will. Signing off with the hope that someday these kids will forgive the world for its wrong doings.



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