Aunty Ji, let me stay single.

I am turning 25 in two months, and it seems like more than my parents their friends are worried about me reaching the “marriageable age”. I am always bombarded with questions like ” Shadi kab karegi?”, “Koi ladka hai to batade”, “Hayeeeeeeeeeeeeeee abhi nahi to kab karegi shadi ? Budhape me ? ”

Bhai karlungi shadi jab karni hogi, Meri shadi se aapko kya? All day long these women sit and crib about their “useless” husbands. That how their marriage doesn’t have the love it once had. That how their kids and husbands take them for granted. They are so used to the cribbing that now they don’t even want to be happy. They constantly remind themselves and others around about their sadness. Yoga, Bhajan, Kirtan kuch bhi kara lo but end me na karni inhone buraiyan hi hoti hai. “Uski beti aisi, uska beta aisa”. “Mera beta ji bauhat bhola”.

Everybody NEEDS a companion they say. Well, Aunty ji, aap khud to saare din tv aur candy crush khelte ho. Uncle bechare apne kone me baithe rehte hain. Baat aap dono karte nahi. And you want to preach me about companionship? Your marriage is not less than a burden. And you don’t even realise that the “kids jinke liye aap ye sab seh re ho” will be better off with separated parents rather than two “loving” ones.

Ek Ghar me different rooms me rehne se acha why can’t I live in my own house alone? Also just so that you know in today’s time 30 isn’t “OLD”. Age is just a number. Apne paise ki khati hun mai. I will marry when I want to and whom I want to. So kindly stop filling ideas in my parents head and check on your own kids who are for sure dating someone or the other but are too scared to admit it to you.

Apne ghar ki tension karo and mera peecha chod do. In your own language, “BAKSH DO MAINU”.  Also, meri shadi me aapko invitation nahi milega.And even if I am forced to invite you then I’ll make sure that you get no”Paneer” or “Chicken”.



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  1. shahvez says:

    achha ji


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