Wars kill love.

Right now we aren’t at peace. India and Pakistan, or should I say our leaders and some media personnels are so blinded with false ego and pride that we are forgetting that all this negativity is gonna ruin the two countries.

Talking about war is easy, thinking about nuclear strikes doesn’t even take a second but all this comes at a cost. And that cost is far above than anything. It’s human happiness and life that we will lose forever.

Look at what is happening in Yemen and Syria. Kids are losing their childhood. People are losing their kids, their soul mates, their loved ones. Everynight they hope that their home is spared, that the missiles fall somewhere else. We are preparing a generation of people who will have sad childhood and so much hatred for those who caused them pain.

In times like these we need to calm down and think about the consequences. Every life is important. And we need to acknowledge that.

I can’t even begin to imagine how people in Aleppo deal with those regular air strikes. Reading ” a thousand splendid suns ” and hoping that no one has to live through a war. If magic happens then may tomorrow we  wake up to a world where there in only peace and no weapons.


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