Positivity Reminder.

I have always been very pro positive. Deeply inspired by this book called ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. Perhaps that’s exactly why I was also magically pulled towards Nichiren Buddhism.

Both of them basically preach the same thing which is that a man or a woman can design their own journey of life. That if we really want something then nobody can stop us from getting it. We are the masters of our own life.

The thing is that I know all of this and I also know that it really works. But due to all the negativity around I more than often forget to practice it. I give up. And I don’t even practice my daily chants (nam myoho renge kyo – Buddhism).

I am writing this today to not just remind me but others around as well that I know being sad is an easy thing and that trying to inculcate positivity in our daily lives seems a tasking job. But can’t we just spare a few moments from our days for ourselves to be positive for our sake ?

Life is too short. Stand up and take control of it. Remember you are the master of your own life. You can turn around the universe to make your dreams come true. Every negative thing that you say takes you away from your aspirations.

Love yourself and be the happiest.


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