Twitter battle taught me a lesson.

So, I just had my first Twitter fight. In my defence, I didn’t start it. But after reading it for the Nth time, I realised that I wasn’t too sweet either. Even if it was to defend my pride or my country, I stooped down a level. I said some decently bad things to the other person. 

This is exactly what happens normally in an argument, isn’t it ? In the ire that we feel at that moment, we say things that we later realise weren’t right on our part. In fact, very often we also say things that we don’t even mean, we just say them because we can’t find anything better to say. 

So why not be a little cautious right in the beginning? Why not channelize our energies towards the positive direction?

Answering back is very easy, but staying quiet and saving all your bad energy requires a lot of patience. If we become like our enemy then there won’t be any difference left between them and us.

REMEMBER: An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.

When I sat down to write about the incidence, I took screenshots of the tweets and was ready with all the slangs for that person. But now, after thinking about it I feel that it’s better to forget about it and find the hidden humor in my first ever Twitter fight.

In the end, As I always say, life is too short. Be happy and spread happiness. Forgive and forget. Let us all make at least Twitter a better place to be in if not the world.

P.s. he just tweeted some bad things again. I replied with a smile. Let him be happy with his beliefs.


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